Amy Zimmer

Bureau Chief, Chalkbeat New York

Amy Zimmer is the bureau chief for Chalkbeat New York. She is an award-winning journalist who previously covered education for the New York news site DNAinfo. Her writing has appeared in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Metro newspaper, and City Limits, among other outlets. Her book, “Meet Miss Subways,” focused on one of the nation’s first integrated beauty contests. She also led content strategy at the tech startup Localize.city. Amy received her bachelor’s degree in anthropology from Yale and has a master’s in journalism from New York University.

Anxiety, depression, and chronic absenteeism are on the rise as many students and parents struggle with school refusal after prolonged campus closures during COVID.
Comfort dogs are helping NYC students in literacy, math, and social-emotional learning during a challenging school year.
Of nearly 270 NYC elementary schools offering programs, only fewer than 30 still had openings as of Monday afternoon.
The Muslim holy month is 10 days earlier next year and could overlap again with state tests, families worry.
The state’s English exams kick off Tuesday for grades 3-8. NYC schools Chancellor David Banks believes that too much test prep has led students to disengage and even drop out.
Parents in New York City schools’ “Family Healing Ambassadors” program are working to address mental health needs at their schools through workshops and peer-to-peer support.
Nearly 15,000 NYC students are home schooling this year, up about 88% since the pandemic hit. The city’s highest poverty districts saw the biggest growth in home school students.
Chalkbeat created a flow chart to help families in NYC schools navigate the city’s new test-to-stay and quarantine policies when someone tests positive for COVID.
John Dewey High School hopes to grow its new teaching academy and eventually have student teachers work in a middle school to be built next door.
At Bronx International High School, Vanessa Spiegel is teaching students to grow fresh produce for themselves and to help fight food insecurity in their community.
Education department officials announced the addition of “sibling priority” on Wednesday, when middle school admissions opened for the 2022-2023 school year.
The reopening of the country’s largest school district was greeted with apprehension among some parents and teachers unnerved by a surge in cases across the state.
Bill De Blasio and Eric Adams outlined a new approach that includes sending rapid test kits home with students when someone in their classroom tests positive.
High school senior Mia Payne is one of four youth co-chairs on the education transition team for Mayor-elect Eric Adams. She’s already a leader in bolstering civics education.
Principals are being reminded to get ready in case they need to close a classroom or even their entire school.
The “diversity in admissions” program launched in 2015 with seven elementary schools, and will total 31 elementary schools across the city as well as all of those in Manhattan’s Lower East Side/East Village District 1 for the coming school year.
NYC’s education department plans to change its school-based COVID testing program to allow fully vaccinated school employees to get swabbed if they wish to do so.
Adams will take over as the city’s education department is still assessing the damage done by three disrupted school years.