Diversity & Equity

Educators don’t want to endorse the state’s culture wars, or get ensnared in them.

Chicago works to end inequitable access to middle school algebra partly with virtual courses

Denver Public Schools is faulting Colleen O’Brien, head of the Northeast Denver Innovation Zone, for oversight at McAuliffe International School.

The Class of 2023 were freshmen when the pandemic disrupted in-person learning. District data indicate 84% of those students graduated in four years, the highest rate in modern history.

Experts and community members joined together at the Newark Public Library for a panel discussion of school segregation in N.J. Panelists discussed data trends, the pain of students’ lived experience, and what can be done to enact change.

Some of the students have endured dangerous journeys to the United States, on top of the disruption of leaving their homes behind.

The second phase of the massive Rebuilding Stronger reorganization will break up K-8 schools and give families more choices in their area.

La cantidad de estudiantes inscritos se ha triplicado desde agosto conforme otros se van enterando.

Eighth graders enrolled at district schools will take the test Oct. 24 or 25. Non-district students must sign up again to take the exam Oct. 28, Oct. 29, or Nov. 5. 

Some advocates call for a larger overhaul of the system for determining who is eligible for special education.

About 14% of Denver’s 89,000 students are Black, and data shows the district is not serving them as well as it’s serving white students.

UAB professor Tondra Loder-Jackson discovered an “underground railroad” of Black educators who fought segregation in the South. Can their example help teachers defy restrictions on teaching historical truths?

Parents at Inter-American are looking for solutions, as other gifted and magnet programs have also sought their own alternatives to the lack of busing.

Join Chalkbeat Newark, NJ Spotlight News, and New York Public Radio on Thursday, Oct. 26 at the Newark Public Library for a discussion on “The State of Segregation” in New Jersey schools.

Researchers also found that the share of CPS students enrolling in college recently has risen.

The district will reschedule the test for eighth-graders who couldn’t finish.

The group will begin meeting in early November and report to the legislature by Jan. 6.

The Youth in Care - College Advocate Program aims to help students who can feel isolated and often struggle to graduate.

Denver gives newly arrived migrant families 30 days of free housing. When time is up, some families struggle to find somewhere else to go.