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‘I believe that virtual learning is here to stay whether or not we have a pandemic’ schools Chancellor David Banks says.
About 57% of high school students are vaccinated, so the move will significantly increase the share of students who are eligible to attend.
Both Banks and Adams have signaled greater support for charter schools, but Banks’ addition to the charter school center board is not all that unusual.
Schools issued about 16% fewer suspension from July through December 2021 compared to the same period in 2019 before the pandemic hit.
The vote is unlikely to have an immediate impact on school budgets, but delays in approving a formula could hamper principals’ ability to plan and hire staff.
City officials warned that the PEP’s failure to approve the funding formula could delay funding to schools.
“By not having a full board it kind of gives a message that it’s not a priority,” said Lori Podvesker, a former panel member.
The delays could discourage some therapists from signing up for similar programs, complicating future efforts to provide extra help to students with disabilities.
“What we’re talking about today is the educational equivalent of long COVID,” Bloomberg said. “The good news is we know how to treat it.”
“It’s difficult to argue that that’s the best use of money to keep an individual safe,” said Jay Varma, a top health advisor to former Mayor Bill de Blasio who designed the testing program.
“We shouldn’t be judging, we shouldn’t be mean, and we shouldn’t be acting out of fear,” one assistant principal told students.
The education department on Friday released school-level vaccination rates that show wide disparities across the boroughs.
Nearly 15,000 NYC students are home schooling this year, up about 88% since the pandemic hit. The city’s highest poverty districts saw the biggest growth in home school students.
This year’s Summer Youth Employment Program will include 100,000 slots, up from about 75,000 before the pandemic hit.
If the new school comes to fruition, it would be the second public school in NYC to focus specifically on students with dyslexia. A charter opened with that mission in 2019.
Students in grades K-12 who test positive may return on day six as long as they meet certain conditions and wear a well-fitting mask.