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“Education and journalism both mattered tremendously 10 years ago when we founded Chalkbeat. They matter even more today,” Chalkbeat CEO and co-founder Elizabeth Green said.
THE CITY and Chalkbeat hosted a session at Brooklyn’s Central Library about how to get appropriate mental health support for kids in NYC public schools.
Join Chalkbeat and THE CITY’s Open Newsroom on Thursday, May 11, at 6 p.m. at the Brooklyn Public Library’s Central Library for a conversation about school-based mental health support for kids.
Murphy Robinson will assist in “evaluating current building infrastructure, systems, policies and training, as well as the safety culture.”
If you are an educator or parent looking for information on how to talk to students following community trauma, we have resources for you.
Use Chalkbeat Colorado’s bill tracker to follow education legislation in the 2023 Colorado General Assembly.
Read about inspiring educators in Chicago, Colorado, New York City, Philadelphia, and elsewhere.
Our reporters and contributing photographers told the story of education in America amid a pandemic, increased legislation on curriculum, and emotional trauma from gun violence.
It’s been a tumultuous and uncertain year for public schools in Chicago and Illinois. But there have also been moments of joy and resilience. Chalkbeat Chicago reporters documented it all. Here are a dozen of the top stories of 2022.
These stories will take you inside the world of an exhausted social worker, a student working to come out of her shell, and a mother trying to help her son catch up.
The guide also includes a teacher’s perspective on helping students successfully go from home to school environments after COVID’s disruptions.
Philadelphia’s NAEP scores have long been below national averages and remained so in 2022.
As the anniversary of Hurricane Sandy approaches, Chalkbeat wants to hear from you about the lasting impact on your school community.
Respect and support. Better pay. More flexibility with how to teach. Student loan forgiveness. Here’s why some teachers aren’t coming back to school this year.
A ‘number cruncher’ who isn’t expected to seek the job on a permanent basis
How members of Chalkbeat’s school communities will remember this rebuilding year.
What adult role models can do for kids, how communities can support survivors, and other resources.
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Students, experts, and educators will discuss their ideas on how CRT debates and proposed book bans are affecting schools. Here’s our reading list.
Our newsroom has worked with several dedicated photographers to document these times. These journalists have given us a bird’s eye view of what we otherwise couldn’t see — the lived experiences of school communities that we cover.
Here’s up-to-date information for parents and students on COVID safety protocols in Chicago’s public schools.
Our education bill tracker follows 2022 Colorado education bills from introduction to the governor’s desk. Follow preschool, K-12, and postsecondary legislation here.
Sunday’s announcement comes amid skyrocketing COVID cases and hospitalizations. Nearly 30,000 residents were diagnosed over the past two weeks, and the city is seeing an average of 3,108 cases a day, according to the health department.
Some schools will offer enrichment activities but most will be closed as a labor dispute stretches on.