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Sunday’s announcement comes amid skyrocketing COVID cases and hospitalizations. Nearly 30,000 residents were diagnosed over the past two weeks, and the city is seeing an average of 3,108 cases a day, according to the health department.
Some schools will offer enrichment activities but most will be closed as a labor dispute stretches on.
From chronic absenteeism to COVID safety: Here’s what is topping our coverage list this year and how you can help
Educators have found themselves in the role of legal analyst, discussion leader, and counselor.
We want to know how this news is affecting your students and classroom discussions.
Supply chain interruptions and staffing issues have forced some schools to pare down their lunch menus. We want to know what’s happening here.
Parents have been active on social media expressing interest in the virtual academy. Deadline for families to sign up is Friday.
If the Brooklyn borough president prevails, he would control the nation’s largest school system starting Jan. 1, 2022.
As the 2020-2021 school year draws to a close, Chalkbeat wants to look back on how face coverings changed the nature of schooling. And we need your help.
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