NYC schools no longer will report COVID cases, but students and staff still need to isolate for five days.

Monday’s announcement represents the Adams administration’s gradual unpeeling of COVID-related rules established under former Mayor Bill de Blasio. 

David Banks vowed to ‘raise the issue’ with the health department.

District leaders are urging families to get vaccinated, but the school system isn’t keeping tabs on how many students are receiving COVID boosters.

The education department told principals the Situation Room will close Dec. 23. Schools will no longer have to send families letters about positive COVID cases. 

With cases of COVID-19, flu, and other respiratory viruses on the rise, Chicago’s top doctor Allison Arwady and schools chief Pedro Martinez are encouraging students to stay vigilant during the holiday break.

The city has seen an increase in COVID cases recently. District officials also signaled in August that masks would be required after extended breaks.

As winter approaches, education department officials are recommending that students and staff wear masks inside school buildings, according to a message to families on Tuesday.

It could take months before union members see back pay or sick days reinstated, one union leader said.

As CUNY struggles with declining enrollment, a PCR testing system with no clear purpose has become an obstacle for faculty members and students — especially at community colleges.

As schools across Illinois bring back activities for students that happened pre-pandemic and protect them from the coronavirus, Jinsun Baek, a school nurse says that it will take balance to have both

Local conditions, not just national politics, drove reopening decisions

If approved, Pfizer’s bivalent vaccine will be administered to children between 5 and 11, and a Moderna booster will be available for children 6 and up.

Newark school officials say all schools have water fountains in operation. But some tell us they still don’t see water fountains back on in their schools. Help us investigate this.

The mandate previously covered thousands of student athletes and also included students in chorus, band, and musical theater programs.

After hovering around 45% last spring, the average school is 39% fully vaccinated at the start of the new school year.

Newark students can stop wearing their face masks on Monday due to advice from the city’s health department, the district announced.

New Jersey’s largest school district welcomes back more than 38,000 students to Newark schools with its mask mandate still in place.

While most New Jersey school districts, large and small, end face mask rules, Newark will keep a mandate in place for the start of the 2022-23 school year.