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Colorado General Assembly

A bill drafted by Colorado youth would require schools to use transgender students’ preferred names.

Colorado’s budget committee has started the process of drafting a bill that would provide up to $24 million statewide for schools that have enrolled more migrant students.

Sen. Lisa Cutter, a co-sponsor of the bill, said she plans to amend the bill so it’s less prescriptive.

The state is ending the practice of diverting money from K-12 schools. Some Colorado lawmakers say they now want to increase how much the state spends on education.

Colorado school funding formula recommendations would send more money to schools for student needs, such as whether they’re English learners, students with disabilities, or low income.

Colorado lawmakers want to provide districts with the option to award students a climate literacy seal.

The department is currently helping 25 Spanish-speaking applicants. But funding for the team will run out in September unless state lawmakers step in.

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis said he’s working with colleges and universities to be more efficient. But it’s hard to analyze school budgets to determine administrative budgets.

The state's new 1215 Report makes recommendations for overhauling the state’s fragmented workforce training system.

A guide on how to keep up with education issues in the Colorado legislature.

In his 2024 State of the State speech, Gov. Jared Polis thanked lawmakers for helping fully fund K-12 education this year.

Chalkbeat asked a panel of five lawmakers their thoughts on teacher pay, book bans, college affordability, and more.

The program could help the families of up to 350,000 children pay for groceries during the summer.

Los estudiantes que están aprendiendo inglés logran recuperarse mejor académicamente después de COVID en distritos escolares de Colorado que ofrecen tutoría y los ayudan a mantenerse en salones regulares.

While some local school leaders have instituted new strategies to help students learning English, other districts aren’t especially concerned.

Education groups had campaigned for Proposition HH, but voters were far less keen on the complicated property tax measure.

Keeping a promise, Gov. Jared Polis proposed in his budget eliminating withholding funds from schools.

Proposition HH, the Colorado property tax relief measures, also lets the state keep and spend more money, with much of it set to go to schools.

Lawmakers will likely try to remedy the problem, which involves an agreement between community colleges and school districts.

One school and four districts received grant funding in May to spend this 2023-24 school year.