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Budget & finance

More migrant students are enrolling midyear. Because they don’t qualify for a 1966 program that helps agricultural migrant students, schools need other funding to support them.

Colorado’s budget committee has started the process of drafting a bill that would provide up to $24 million statewide for schools that have enrolled more migrant students.

The state is ending the practice of diverting money from K-12 schools. Some Colorado lawmakers say they now want to increase how much the state spends on education.

Colorado school funding formula recommendations would send more money to schools for student needs, such as whether they’re English learners, students with disabilities, or low income.

Figures provided to Chalkbeat break down the amount spent per school.

Colorado Department of Education officials said the state doesn’t have data yet showing whether the online learning platform is making a difference.

Some districts say they’re having a hard time hiring enough teachers and keeping them.

Keeping a promise, Gov. Jared Polis proposed in his budget eliminating withholding funds from schools.

The district wants to put more money toward increasing starting salaries. Meanwhile, there are no raises.

Sheridan union says higher salaries will help stem the turnover that’s driving families away.

Colorado’s budget paves the way for ending budget diversions and instead fully funding K-12 education in the 2024-25 school year.

Both sides agreed to some gun limits, universal mental health screening in schools, and free college for students in in-demand fields.

Proposition HH to cap growth in assessed value of Colorado property could generate revenue for schools — with enough future economic growth.

Lawmakers have one week to get their tax relief proposal through the Colorado General Assembly. Then it would be up to voters.

Special education is in the midst of a staffing crisis. A funding boost in this year’s Colorado budget could provide some relief.

“There is no reason for our state to have a rainy day fund if we don’t recognize that we’re in a rainy day,” one state senator said in arguing for more school funding.

The bill could set Colorado on the path to fully funding its schools according to constitutional requirements by 2024-25, the sponsor said.

Colorado budget committee members said a debate about school funding will happen in the coming weeks when the school finance act is introduced.

Homeowners may have been better off paying the higher property taxes the district first asked for, the study suggests.