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Higher Education

Despite a desire among many community college students to transfer and earn a four-year degree, most in Colorado don't realize that dream.

Colorado lawmakers approved the adult education program last year, but it’s been on hold due to a technical issue.

The Lumina Foundation’s annual A Stronger Nation report shows how many residents have gotten a certificate, certification, or degree.

The federal government announced FAFSA information sent to schools would be further delayed. Colleges and universities use that information to calculate how much aid students will receive.

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis said he’s working with colleges and universities to be more efficient. But it’s hard to analyze school budgets to determine administrative budgets.

Colorado used federal relief money to become what’s believed the first state in the nation to give students who earned 70 credits but never graduated associate degrees.

Como sus estudiantes, David Carrillo usa un uniforme verde. Ocupa un puesto extremadamente inusual en prisión: es un profesor encarcelado que enseña un programa universitario en prisión.

The state's new 1215 Report makes recommendations for overhauling the state’s fragmented workforce training system.

In his 2024 State of the State speech, Gov. Jared Polis thanked lawmakers for helping fully fund K-12 education this year.

The form became available on Dec. 31, but users have experienced online glitches.

Advocates hope a new report will help more low-income Colorado students and those of color see college as an option.

Researchers think there is potential for artificial intelligence to aid in identifying students who might have previously gone unrecognized.

A new poll from Magellan Strategies finds many voters still think schools are on the wrong track, but they’re very supportive of career and technical education.

FAFSA delays threaten how helpful a better application will be for students and families this year

Colorado's higher education data breach also threatens how the state monitors student progress

The Call Me MISTER program to train teachers started in South Carolina and is now in Colorado

Many applicants are being rejected because they’re confused about which debt forgiveness program to apply for.

Schools are using mentoring and academic advising to help more students stick around.

Colorado cuenta con numerosas opciones universitarias gratuitas para los estudiantes. Los estudiantes también pueden encontrar otras formas de compensar el costo de ir a la universidad.