Jeffco Public Schools

The analysis of the state’s 10 largest school districts focused on how many sources hadn’t been fixed about a year after they were identified as having high lead levels.

The decision to maintain the program comes about three weeks after parents received a letter saying it would be dissolved.

Some families travel hours each day so their children can attend the Bright MINDS program in Lakewood.

The charter school didn’t enroll as many students as expected so wasn’t sure it would have enough funding to open.

Jefferson Academy, a local charter school, fell short of its enrollment goal to open.

The new charter school, which will be part of the Jefferson Academy network, will operate a preschool through eighth grade program with before- and after-school care.

Figures provided to Chalkbeat break down the amount spent per school.

Dos puestos de los cinco miembros del consejo estaban vacantes. El consejo escolar tiene que resolver retos financieros y tomar decisiones sobre las escuelas chárter.

Two of five seats on the Jeffco school board were up for grabs. The outcome reinforces the current board majority.

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The district will now consider whether to let a new charter operate in the building that’s currently home to one of the schools. 

Jeffco, Colorado’s second largest school districts, faces declining enrollment, budget challenges, and persistent academic gaps.

After closing 16 elementary schools due to declining enrollment, the Jeffco school board is turning its attention to secondary schools.

The Jeffco district expects to make recommendations for middle school and K-8 closures in August.

Middle school recommendations are expected in August, and will also consider schools at the end of the accountability clock.

School closures, leadership turnover, social studies debates, and more. Here’s a look at our top stories of the year.

Comidas gratis para todos los estudiantes de Colorado. Esa fue la promesa de la Propuesta FF. Averigüa si tu distrito escolar tiene planes de participar en el nuevo programa de comidas.

School board members were initially shocked at the price and will consider downsizing some projects in January or February.