The list of schools that would offer the admissions bump hasn’t been finalized. But the campuses under consideration include Millennium, Beacon, Bard Early College and Eleanor Roosevelt High Schools.

The schools offer a mix of elementary, middle, and high school programs across three boroughs.

For many, the Wednesday placements marked the end of the city’s middle school admissions process.

Nearly 50 Memphis-Shelby County public schools would get new investments for their buildings or academic programming under a facility plan that district leaders are developing.

Denver Public Schools, however, saw a slight increase in its official student count from October.

Chicago’s school board could shift away from school choice. Here are three things to know.

Education One at Trine University voted down a bid from a charter that IPS removed from its network of autonomous schools.

Why does this West Side high school have only 33 students?

Applications to the city’s network of public colleges more than quadrupled last month.

About 915,000 children are enrolled in the city’s public schools, nearly 1% more than last year.

The complex process can be daunting for the tens of thousands of eighth graders applying to public high schools.

Parents and advocates say traditional open houses may fill up quickly or gloss over special education.

Schools get money in the summer based on the city’s projections of how many students are expected to fill their seats. After the final tallies are taken on Oct. 31, the Education Department adjusts school budgets, clawing back money from schools that enroll fewer students than anticipated.

The second phase of the massive Rebuilding Stronger reorganization will break up K-8 schools and give families more choices in their area.

Schools are using mentoring and academic advising to help more students stick around.