Denver Public Schools

The board defended its “policy governance” model that limits information requests and funnels communication through the superintendent.

Whether a school is following district discipline rules “is an indicator of the climate of a school,” Superintendent Alex Marrero said.

The Village provides food, mental health support, and more to students. But it’s funded by federal pandemic relief aid called ESSER dollars, which are set to run out this year.

The board was considering a policy that prohibited members from blocking people or deleting comments based on the views expressed.

The guidance is new this spring and comes in response to the influx of newcomer students.

Experts say taking away science or social studies is not the solution to low reading scores.

Screening students, for example, has taken up a lot more time for some teachers.

The report’s recommendations include ones that require cooperation from the city and other organizations.

Más de 3,500 estudiantes inmigrantes se han inscrito en las escuelas públicas de Denver desde que empezó el año escolar, y los centros están cada vez dándoles más servicios a sus familias mientras rehacen sus vidas en Denver.

The Colorado State Board of Education praised the school’s efforts, even though its rating and test scores remained low.

The proposal comes as the U.S. Supreme Court is considering a case involving school board members in California who blocked parents on Twitter and Facebook.

The vote followed a pitch from the school’s principal to keep Wyatt open by enrolling migrant students and subletting some space.

'I haven’t heard anything specific about a special assessment, screener, or anything regarding dyslexia,' said a second grade teacher in Denver.

But some teachers and parents are fighting to save the school.

The data suggests that school police officers, who were permanently brought back this fall, are ticketing and arresting students less frequently than before.

“How fair is it to identify a concern but then not have the resources to address the concern?” one social worker asked the school board.

The launch of the guide coincides with the district’s school choice window, which opened Jan. 11.