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Denver Public Schools

The vote followed a pitch from the school’s principal to keep Wyatt open by enrolling migrant students and subletting some space.

'I haven’t heard anything specific about a special assessment, screener, or anything regarding dyslexia,' said a second grade teacher in Denver.

But some teachers and parents are fighting to save the school.

The data suggests that school police officers, who were permanently brought back this fall, are ticketing and arresting students less frequently than before.

“How fair is it to identify a concern but then not have the resources to address the concern?” one social worker asked the school board.

The launch of the guide coincides with the district’s school choice window, which opened Jan. 11.

Denver Public Schools, however, saw a slight increase in its official student count from October.

The superintendent wanted to use state tests scores. A board member proposed an alternative he said was a better measure of what students have learned.

Los tres integrantes recientemente elegidos del consejo escolar votaron en contra de aprobar los estándares, y dijeron que no tuvieron suficiente tiempo para examinarlos.

A few minutes after texting “Denver” to 741741, teens can be connected to a trained volunteer.

The three newly elected school board members voted against approving the metrics, saying they didn’t have enough time to review them.

Groups and donors supportive of education reform and charter schools outspent the Denver teachers union 5 to 1.

Denver Public Schools is spending federal COVID money on a curriculum of mental health activities to help reduce students’ anxiety.

La recientemente elegida integrante del consejo escolar Marlene De La Rosa, quien por años ha luchado por la comunidad hispana, fue elegida vicepresidenta.

The election of Olson as president puts an experienced leader at the helm of a school board that had earned a reputation for dysfunction and infighting.

Board members said Academy 360 deserves a chance to boost student test scores, especially considering that the school provides mental health support to students and families that one board member called essential.

Only the three new board members set to be sworn in later this month will be eligible for the higher pay. Sitting board members can’t vote to raise their own pay.