Denver Public Schools

Denver Public Schools is spending federal COVID money on a curriculum of mental health activities to help reduce students’ anxiety.

La recientemente elegida integrante del consejo escolar Marlene De La Rosa, quien por años ha luchado por la comunidad hispana, fue elegida vicepresidenta.

The election of Olson as president puts an experienced leader at the helm of a school board that had earned a reputation for dysfunction and infighting.

Board members said Academy 360 deserves a chance to boost student test scores, especially considering that the school provides mental health support to students and families that one board member called essential.

Only the three new board members set to be sworn in later this month will be eligible for the higher pay. Sitting board members can’t vote to raise their own pay.

“Are we sure this is going to make things better?” one board member asked.

Denver Public Schools is faulting Colleen O’Brien, head of the Northeast Denver Innovation Zone, for oversight at McAuliffe International School.

The election has reduced the teachers union’s control over the board, which has struggled to address school safety and get along.

El consejo escolar actual de Denver ha recibido críticas por peleas internas y por no abordar la seguridad de los estudiantes. Ahora los votantes han elegido a tres integrantes nuevos.

The election of John Youngquist, Kimberlee Sia, and Marlene De La Rosa is likely to shake up the interpersonal and political dynamics on the board.

A founder of the group said the ads represent voter education, not electioneering in the Denver school board race.

The board is set to vote on the proposal Nov. 16, after next week’s school board election but before new board members are sworn in.

The District 1 race is a contest between incumbent Scott Baldermann and challenger Kimberlee Sia. Here’s where they stand, who’s endorsed them, and why.

The District 5 race is a three-way contest between Charmaine Lindsay, Marlene De La Rosa, and Adam Slutzker. Here’s where they stand, who’s endorsed them, and why.

The at-large race is largely a contest between Kwame Spearman and John Youngquist. Here’s where they stand, who’s endorsed them, and why.

The mailer features a sad white child on one side and a photo of candidate Kwame Spearman, who is Black, on the other. He called the juxtaposition “dog whistling.”

The board concluded that Marrero met just over 80% of his goals.

The District 1 candidates met for a debate at Regis University. Here’s what they said.

About 14% of Denver’s 89,000 students are Black, and data shows the district is not serving them as well as it’s serving white students.