Vick is set to start a three-year term as president of the organization of nearly 40,000 educators in July.

The proposed agreement comes after a year of rocky contract negotiations and disagreements over which teachers should get raises and by how much.

A teacher at KIPP Northeast Denver Leadership Academy is fighting to start what he calls the Colorado Charter Teachers Association.

A bill legislators advanced on Tuesday would give public employees, including K-12 and higher education workers, more workplace rights.

The previous Denver contract was approved after the 2019 teachers strike. District leaders touted the protected planning time and lunches promised in a tentative agreement.

The Denver school district and teachers union are renegotiating the teacher contract for the first time since a 2019 strike. Here’s where they disagree.

Some Colorado school districts voluntarily recognize employee unions, but education sector workers won’t get any new rights this year.

New America School teachers had hoped to form Colorado’s first charter school union, but the charter board voted down the effort. 

The board of the New America School charter network could decide in April whether to allow teachers at three campuses in metro Denver to unionize.

Collective bargaining rights for public sector employees is a top priority for Colorado Democratic leaders and teachers unions. School districts want out.

The Colorado legislature convenes with pandemic challenges still looming over schools and universities.

The report says two out of three educators are considering leaving the teaching profession.

Before Tay Anderson endorsement, Denver teachers union received letter of anonymous allegations of inappropriate behavior

Denver school principals and assistant principals will now be able to negotiate their salaries, how they are evaluated, and whether they can strike. 

The Colorado Education Association and AFT Colorado are forming an “exploratory unity committee” to look at consolidation.

Their goals include fighting for fair compensation and against institutional racism.

The unions had been asking for larger raises, while the district was offering less. The deal reached on Monday represents a meeting in the middle.

“We have been offered less than teachers, even though we will also be on the front lines of this COVID crisis.”

Cuts to state education funding mean Denver Public Schools must slash $65 million from its budget.

Faced with a $65 million budget shortfall, the district plans to ask teachers to forgo some pay raises guaranteed by a union contract signed after last year’s strike.