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Early Childhood

The state’s top early childhood official will make a final decision on class size limits by March 28.

County leaders say they made a dent, but there’s more work to do.

The department is currently helping 25 Spanish-speaking applicants. But funding for the team will run out in September unless state lawmakers step in.

The state's universal preschool application will open in late February.

The reversal by state officials is the latest of several flip-flops regarding religious teaching in Colorado’s new preschool program.

The two parishes challenging nondiscrimination rules argued that enrolling preschoolers from LGBTQ families would conflict with their beliefs.

One of the big questions is whether Colorado will have enough funding to create the program that state leaders envisioned.

From an Armenian preschool to emergency loans, CIRCLE grants funded more than 200 projects around the state.

During a recent lesson at a Grand Junction preschool that receives state funding, children were taught what sin is, and how God feels about sinners.

Two Colorado communities get opposite results from push to increase lodging taxes for child care.

Aproximadamente un 30% de los programas de cuidado infantil en Colorado para niños de 5 años o menos está en una de las tres calificaciones más altas.

“This is not at all what we are seeing in any shape or form,” said Mary Alice Cohen, of the Colorado Department of Early Childhood.

This November, the City of Pueblo and the Town of Ridgway will ask voters to consider lodging taxes to support child care.

National experts had panned an earlier draft of Colorado’s universal preschool rules.

The state wants to ensure preschoolers living in poverty get full-day classes.

About 30% of Colorado child care programs for children 5 and under have one of the top three ratings.

Attorneys for Gov. Jared Polis and other state officials say the suit rests on a misinterpretation of special education law.

Before the rule change, some preschool providers said they had to turn away families who hadn’t filled out the state’s online application.

Voters approved a similar ballot measure allowing the state to keep excess marijuana tax in 2015.

Some programs are for low-income families, and others serve families regardless of income.