Early Childhood Education

Leaders of both special district efforts hope to ask for voter approval in 2025.

Advocates say there are about 45 outdoor preschool programs in Colorado.

The judge could issue a decision in the next few weeks.

More than 40,000 employees work on the Denver airport campus.

A new report finds that at least half of new state preschool spending was backed by federal pandemic relief. More kids are enrolling, but can states keep it up?

The process of getting the 2023 gift from Mackenzie Scott was exciting and mysterious, leaders at Early Milestones Colorado said.

More than a dozen local organizations that help administer Colorado’s tuition-free preschool program signed a letter to Gov. Jared Polis protesting potential funding cuts.

Some highly rated preschools will be allowed to have classes of 24 children under the new rules.

The early childhood cuts, if reversed, would be the latest item slashed by Adams in recent months to get restored thanks to what city officials describe as an improving budget picture.

The proposed fixes to the subsidy program would cost about $81 million in the first year.

The state is on track to have up to $7 million in leftover child care assistance funding this year.

The state’s top early childhood official will make a final decision on class size limits by March 28.

The dearth of child care in many rural communities exacerbates workforce shortages by forcing parents to stay home.

Algunos preescolares financiados públicamente en Colorado enseñan religión junto con letras, números y colores. Funcionarios en el estado quieren cambiar eso, pero recientes decisiones judiciales podrían proteger los programas religiosos en preescolares públicos.

Based on two years of observations, “False Starts” looks at how segregation affects everything from how preschoolers play to how they interact with objects at school.

The district wants to alleviate waitlists and accommodate all pre-K-5 students who need care.

The ballot measure will send about $23 million more to the state’s new universal preschool program.

Aproximadamente un 30% de los programas de cuidado infantil en Colorado para niños de 5 años o menos está en una de las tres calificaciones más altas.