Early Childhood Education

Based on two years of observations, “False Starts” looks at how segregation affects everything from how preschoolers play to how they interact with objects at school.

The district wants to alleviate waitlists and accommodate all pre-K-5 students who need care.

The ballot measure will send about $23 million more to the state’s new universal preschool program.

Aproximadamente un 30% de los programas de cuidado infantil en Colorado para niños de 5 años o menos está en una de las tres calificaciones más altas.

“This is not at all what we are seeing in any shape or form,” said Mary Alice Cohen, of the Colorado Department of Early Childhood.

This November, the City of Pueblo and the Town of Ridgway will ask voters to consider lodging taxes to support child care.

National experts had panned an earlier draft of Colorado’s universal preschool rules.

N.J. Gov. Murphy announced $25 million in funding for preschool expansion. It may have implications for infant and toddler care.

Indianapolis Public Schools is one of few area districts that offer free prekindergarten. That could change as federal aid expires.

About 30% of Colorado child care programs for children 5 and under have one of the top three ratings.

At a town hall meeting Thursday, providers and parents appealed for funds to keep providers in business and services affordable for families.

A national report predicts more than 56,000 Michigan children will lose child care services, though some experts are less pessimistic.

The report cites key health indicators for parents and children, as well as policy changes. But the state still lags the national average in some areas.

A new lawsuit against NYC’s health and education departments raises the question: Who’s responsible when the city fails to provide Early Intervention services?

Officials are considering opening more so-called specialty schools meant to help students with more challenging disabilities transition into the real world.

National researchers said Colorado’s new universal preschool program could have some of the weakest quality standards in the country.

Illinois Action for Children’s report on child care in Cook County found that federal emergency relief funds allowed many providers to keep their doors open. However, families still face barriers to get affordable care.

Some programs are for low-income families, and others serve families regardless of income.

Governor’s executive order specifies that MiLEAP is not intended to infringe on the State Board of Education’s constitutional authority, so Nessel says it’s better to wait and see whether conflicts arise.

The Illinois Early Childhood Access Consortium for Equity report found that about an additional 500 students who already work in early childhood education enrolled in college.