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Budget & Finance

The Pennsylvania governor’s proposal for public school aid would set a record for a single-year increase.

School board members have voted in favor of Keystone Opportunity Zones despite their questions about the program.

The Basic Funding Commission recommended increasing spending on K-12 education by $5.4 billion over the next seven years to meet its constitutional mandate

The Basic Education Funding Commission’s report calls for a $5.1 billion increase over seven years, plus more spending on the teaching workforce and school facilities.

Advocates say the state must also boost aid for infrastructure needs and preschool to comply with a landmark court ruling last year.

The settlement with Aspira will end a disagreement over funding for two schools that didn’t follow student enrollment limits.

The commission will deliver a report to Gov. Josh Shapiro in November to guide development of a fairer, more adequate funding system.

Pennsylvania’s spending for education in the state budget is still in limbo amid partisan disputes.

Education groups say better days are ahead for ‘under-resourced’ schools, but a top GOP lawmaker cautions ‘money alone’ isn’t the solution.

The contracts cover everything from prekindergarten and office supplies to HVAC and strategic communications.

The mayor has no direct control over the schools, but does have the power to appoint all of the school board members who can then carry out the mayor’s vision regarding charter schools, the lottery admission process, and other education issues. Here’s where the candidates stand.

Students at the board meeting criticized district leadership for failing to quickly fix asbestos-ridden buildings, a flawed admissions process, and a lack of transparency.

Board President Reginald Streater wants the city to increase annual local funding for the district by $318 million by 2027.

In Philadelphia, 83% of early childhood programs are currently facing a staffing shortage and nearly 3,000 children are on a waitlist.

Advocates say ending ‘Level Up’ money would be ‘a step backwards’ for the state.

State senator says Pennsylvania’s current K-12 system funding ‘harkens back to the days of Jim Crow.’

Republican lawmakers stress the need for more school choice but don’t say whether they’ll appeal the ruling.

Commonwealth Court judge highlights disparities between school districts, but her ruling could be swiftly appealed.

As attorney general, Shapiro said the state isn’t meeting its constitutional obligation to public schools.

Firm will study more successful urban districts, proposal says