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Vulnerable populations

Advocates say a recent wave of migrants and refugees to southeast Michigan have brought new students to Detroit schools. Here are the steps the district is taking to meet their needs in the short- and long-term.

One of the high points in the graduation rate data released Friday: the Lansing School District, where the rate has increased dramatically since 2021.

Friends of the Children works with kids who have adverse childhood experiences that include experiencing violence, abuse or neglect, having a parent who is addicted to drugs or alcohol or being placed in the foster care system.

State payments on retirement debt freed up $670 million that is helping fund many of Whitmer’s education initiatives.

Bills awaiting action in the Senate would help improve record-keeping and enforce educational standards.

Researchers credit DPSCD for efforts aimed at ensuring that students can get support they’re entitled to under federal law. But they say there’s still a big undercount.

The options vary based on where you live and which school the student attends.

Some discover too late that their school work didn’t count toward a diploma

Advocates now have to navigate a crowded legislative agenda as Democrats take power in Lansing

Reimbursement of busing costs could pay off in the classroom

The study findings are significant for Michigan, which has robust school choice policies but no rules to ensure that students have school options in their own neighborhoods.

Michigan students are largely back to maskless, in-person learning, but another set of divisive debates looms in upcoming school board elections.

Grant program helps students create safe spaces and activities that keep them connected 

Video spotlights conflict between duty to inform parents and the responsibility to shield students

Researchers: School choice doesn’t help in remote areas that lack options.

Other parents say they trust librarians and teachers to determine what is appropriate for students

Low-performing schools would have struggled more without added support, report says

Results provide some of the strongest evidence yet of the academic fallout from the pandemic

Students who are Black or from low-income families scored much lower than peers on third-grade test

The department’s guidance is not binding on districts, but it may influence their approach to negotiations with parents of students with disabilities.