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Indiana Online Schools

Lawmakers this year expanded a ban on offering an incentive to enroll at schools in Indiana.

The law strengthens previous restrictions, but so far the state does not seem to be enforcing it.

Indianapolis Public School parents have two virtual charter school options if they want their children to learn remotely this 2021-22 school year.

Defunct virtual schools, ex-officers sued for $154 million for allegedly defrauding Indiana of tuition paid to educate online students

Two new private schools seek state accreditation, which would allow them to accept publicly funded tuition vouchers for online education.

A plan to inject more money into virtual schools in Indiana is a victory for advocates who say growing awareness is helping them win support for full funding.

Lawsuit challenges Indiana funding for schools operating online amid the pandemic — but appears to seek more monies for virtual-only schools.

Paramount leaders say the plan responds to demand fueled by the coronavirus for virtual schooling that they anticipate could continue even if the pandemic recedes or a vaccine proves effective. 

After the scam involving Indiana’s virtual charter school enrollment, a report reveals how most of the state’s $7.5 billion school funding system is largely based on trust — and lacking controls that could flag potential fraud. 

Indiana auditors found that Daleville failed to hold Indiana Virtual School and Indiana Virtual Pathways Academy to their charter contracts, review the schools’ finances, or press for improvements.

Indiana education officials plan to fund schools at the full rate for students learning online due to COVID-19 — not at the reduced 85% level for full-time virtual schools.