Student testing is a sticking point as legislative leaders seek a compromise.

Vouchers are a “bitter pill” that will destabilize K-12 education, a former Superintendent of the Year testified.

Legislation easily clears first legislative hurdle, with two votes set for March 6.

In addition to school choice, GOP plan seeks changes to public school testing, teacher evaluations

No testing requirements, anti-discrimination language, or program evaluation plan are included.

The bill would mean big changes for Indiana education, but it’s on hold till next year.

Meanwhile, state education chief says ESA program’s first test scores were disappointing.

With another battle expected over vouchers, see what legislative leaders and advocates are saying.

Leader of Tennessee school board group and a superintendent explain why they strongly denounced the updated A-F grading system and a proposed expansion of private-school vouchers.

GOP leaders are expected to file bill by Jan. 9, when the legislature reconvenes.