Dylan Peers McCoy

The state would spread a $378 million increase in K-12 funding across all Indiana public schools and a host of contentious education priorities.
The Indiana legislature weighs significantly expanding state funding for private schools to more middle-class families
Three Indianapolis high schools had double-digit drops in graduation rates, as students struggled with remote school or left to get jobs.
The Indiana legislature is considering offering $150 million in competitive grants to local schools, universities, and other organizations to help students catch up.
Lawsuit challenges Indiana funding for schools operating online amid the pandemic — but appears to seek more monies for virtual-only schools.
An Indiana House bill could boost by 40% the number of students, many from middle-class families, receiving state subsidies for private schooling
Nearly 88% of Indiana students from the class of 2020 graduated, a slight uptick from 2019. The graduation rate has been stagnant for about a decade.
Indiana is poised to push forward with testing but it could join other states in eliminating the consequences to schools for low scores.
Middlebury schools worked with Tech Trep, which enrolls about 165 students, to find a new partner.
Eric Holcomb called on Indiana legislators to boost education spending, but has not set a goal.