Remainders: John King parses the meaning of 'special interests'

  • State Ed Commissioner John King said pro-Common Core groups are not “special interests.” (Capital)
  • A teacher wonders how he can help a student who is one Regents point shy of graduating. (SchoolBook)
  • An analyst says de Blasio needs to invest in a content-rich curriculum for elementary schools. (Flypaper)
  • Advocates want de Blasio to freeze the use of a new online kindergarten application system. (DNAinfo)
  • Hong Kong parents pay big bucks for “celebrity” tutors to help get their children into college. (HuffPo)
  • A writer says that teachers should think twice before posting unflattering student anecdotes. (Atlantic)
  • A pilot program in city middle schools (that GothamSchools covered) uses retirees as tutors. (FedCap)
  • The gap between male and female students seeking computer science degrees is widening. (EdWeek)