Haslam unveils standard review website

Gov. Bill Haslam today unveiled a website created so Tennesseans can offer feedback on the state’s current K-12 academic standards.

A press release announcing the website implies that a thorough review of all of the state’s standards is a hefty task: when all is said and done, there are more than 2,000 standards for math and English.

The website asks each reviewer to fill out a form that asks for reviewers’ e-mail addresses, the school status of their children, and their role (parent, educator, media, etc.).

The public review will be open until next spring. Next summer, the standards will  be reviewed by teams of educators, as well as the Southern Regional Education Board, a non-profit headquartered in Atlanta. The State Board of Education will then review the committees’ recommendations.

Although the review won’t be complete until after the upcoming legislative session, the General Assembly could move to repeal the standards in the spring. A bill to repeal the standards failed in the most recent session.