We know that “Back-to-School” feels very different this year. While we may be in virtual learning classes, we know that our educators fulfill a much broader role than teaching. They serve as mentors, counselors, cheerleaders, protectors and more.

In recognizing the critical role these educators play in the lives of students, many of whom need our help now more than ever, Walgreens has supported WE Teachers – a program offering free tools, resources, trainings to educators across the US and Puerto Rico. The program equips educators to tackle tough conversations with their students about pandemic-informed communities, bullying, mental well-being, diversity and inclusion, poverty and youth violence.

Local Chicago educator, and WE Teachers Award recipient, Tanya Holliday who teaches at Henry O. Tanner Elementary School knows that teaching is a personal investment, that often comes with an emotional toll. Holliday appreciates the WE Teachers program for its module on creating a trauma-informed classroom. She says this approach helps her better navigate the feelings and reactions of her students, many of whom live in poverty.

“The module’s self-care advice for educators is what sets it apart,” says Holliday. “Teachers take on so much of our students’ trauma, yet don’t find time to internalize it and deal with it ourselves.”

WE Teachers ensures that every teacher in every school nationwide has access to the free educational tools and training they need to set them and their students up for future success. The programs are designed to be adaptable and highly accessible with customizable resources and virtual learning opportunities. Click here to apply for the WE Teachers Award which recognizes 1,000 teachers who go above and beyond with a $500 Walgreens gift card they can use toward classroom supplies.

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