Letters to Lori Lightfoot: Tell Chicago’s mayor-elect about your school

Lori Lightfoot spoke frequently about schools on the campaign trail, pledging a wave of top-down changes that would start with upending the process of school board selection. But for many Chicago educators, families, and students, governance is not the only issue with potential for revisiting and rethinking. Chalkbeat wants to know: What would you tell the next mayor of Chicago about education in the city? Tell us in a quick survey below. Looking beyond districtwide opportunities and issues, what should the city’s next mayor know about your school? Is there something exciting happening there that should be spread to more schools in the district? Is there a pressing problem that’s not getting the attention it deserves? Or, is there a student you want her to keep in mind when she’s making broader decisions about schools? We’ll publish a selection of your answers next week.