2014 new science and social studies tests

Search for your school’s results on Colorado’s new science and social studies tests

Only about a third of fifth and eighth graders scored in the two highest levels on science tests, and 17 percent of fourth and seventh graders scored at those levels on social studies.

The social studies tests are brand-new, and the science results are lower than those on last TCAP science tests in 2013 – which aren’t comparable to the new tests. The results are seen as a preview of how scoring likely will sort out after new language arts and math tests are given next spring in grades 3-11.

Use the database below to search how students in your school or district did on the new exams. First, select a school district, and then you can narrow your search by subject, school and grade level. And for more context on the scores, read our coverage of the release here.

Search tips

  • You must search first by district or click Statewide Results to see how Colorado did, overall.
  • You need not click an item in each box to complete a search. Clicking on Denver and then on Abraham Lincoln High School, for example, will bring up results for all grades and subjects for the school.
  • Want to compare a school or district to the statewide average? Select Districtwide Results in the school name box.
  • To rank search results, click on a column heading. For example, if you’re looking at several schools and want to easily see which had the highest percentage of students scoring distinguished, click on the column heading “% Distinguished.” Click once and it sorts lowest to highest – click twice to see highest to lowest.
  • You can filter the results by school name, subject and grade level.

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