Districts to test out models for new graduation guidelines

Three school districts are piloting a program that could help schools comply with Colorado’s new graduation guidelines.

The guidelines, which are still six years from going into full effect, make graduation contingent on students’ demonstration of mastery, rather than completion of courses. When the state Board of Education okayed them last year, even supporters said the guidelines had a lot of unanswered questions. But, they said, the new guidelines were a much-need move away from a seat-time based system that allows room for districts to game the system.

Adams 50, Colorado Springs D-11 and Thompson School District will all design so-called “next generation learning” models that emphasize personalized learning and use of technology. Two schools in each district will test out the models, which will align with the new requirements. It’s part of a program run by the Colorado Department of Education and the Colorado Education Initiative to test out ways for schools to comply with the new guidelines.

“The Colorado Department of Education is eager to learn alongside these early adopter districts so that we can share what they learn with other schools and districts across the state that will be doing this work in the coming years,” said Robert Hammond, Colorado Commissioner of Education, in a press release.