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The results of last year’s round of ACTs are in and the state’s results are stagnant, up just a third of a point from last year.

That’s consistent with the results from last year’s TCAPs, that showed little change from the previous year. Read more on those results here.

But some districts saw a big jump. In Estes Park, the average ACT score rose over seven points from the previous year, from 13.7 out of a possible 36 last year to 21.2 this year. Crowley County School District, in southeastern Colorado, saw a three point jump over last year, to 19.7.

Other highlights from the data:

  • The top scorer in the state on the ACT was Liberty Common High School, in Poudre School District. The average ACT composite score was 28.6.
  • The lowest scorer in the state was the Colorado School for the Deaf and Blind, which also had low performance on the TCAP. The second-lowest scorer was P.U.S.H. Academy, an intensive pathways school in far northeast Denver.
  • Of the Denver schools, DSST: Stapleton saw the highest average composite score, at 24.5. The school serves a population that’s roughly 48 percent low-income students, the highest of any of the top scoring schools across the state. Explore the relationship with free- and reduced-lunch designation, an federal indicator of family income, in our database below.

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  • You must search first by district or click Statewide Results to see how Colorado did, overall.
  • You need not click an item in each box to complete a search. Clicking on Denver and then on Abraham Lincoln High School, for example, will bring up results for all grades and subjects for the school.
  • Want to compare a school or district to the statewide average? Select Districtwide Results in the school name box.
  • To rank search results, click on a column heading. For example, if you’re looking at several schools and want to easily see which had the highest composite score in 2014, click on the column heading “Average Composite Score 2014.” Click once and it sorts lowest to highest – click twice to see highest to lowest.
  • You can filter the results by school name and the percent of students who qualify for free- or reduced- lunch.

Data notes

  • A search result of “–” or blanks means there are no public results for this category. The state does not provide data for groups of fewer than 16 students to protect their privacy.
  • The ACT includes English, math, reading and science components. Results for this year are reported, as is last year’s average composite score. More details on last year’s performance are available here.
  • Free and reduced lunch rate refers to the number of students in a school or district who are eligible for federal meal assistance. It is a widely used indicator of student poverty.

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