Denver school district employee who mocked students’ names resigns

The Denver school district employee who sent an email mocking students’ names has resigned, according to a spokesperson for Denver Public Schools.

Chalkbeat obtained a copy of the email, in which the employee lists more than two dozen student names, including several sets of siblings. Though the email characterizes the names as “creative,” the tone of the message is mocking.

Some of the names are traditionally African-American names. Others are more common names with unique spellings. Some names are drawn from food or nature. “I think my next child will be Tequila Ridgeback…what do you think?” the employee wrote.

In the email, the employee identifies as a member of the choice and enrollment office, which is responsible for matching students with schools and helping them enroll. The district spokesperson declined to identify the employee by name.

In a statement released earlier this week, the district said it is “committed to ensuring all members of the DPS community are treated with dignity and respect.”