Back to school in the GothamSchools community section

Returning to the classroom isn’t just a source of anticipation and stress for teachers. It’s also a source for blog fodder.

The GothamSchools community section has been abuzz since last week with back-to-school thoughts from contributors old and new. Read Ruben Brosbe on the little-known phenomenon of teacher backsliding; Lizzie Hetzer on the mixed emotions brought on by moving to a more teacher-friendly school; Dana Lawit on the symbolism of fresh pencils; and Stephen Lazar on his hopes and fears for the new year.

The section’s newest author is actually a former city teacher. Collin Lawrence just left the city after four years at a small high school in Brooklyn, which he is calling the Brooklyn Arts Academy. In his first post, “Back to Civilian Life,” Lawrence outlined his project:

I have decided to chronicle the tumultuous four-year saga that marked my tenure at the Brooklyn Arts Academy. … I stubbornly stuck it out for four years, longer than every other teacher who started with me save one, and so bore witness to enough drama to last a lifetime. Over the next year, I’ll revisit this drama from the shock of my first day to the bittersweet goodbye of my last one.

There’s more than enough room in the community section for more voices. Are you interested in sharing your experience as a teacher, parent, administrator, or student? Contact us.