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Now that oversized classes will cost the city, Chicago Public Schools is also taking a hard look at schools that choose to admit so many students that class sizes swell beyond the city’s limits — a move that cushions those schools’ budgets but also leaves students and teachers in classes of 30 or more.
Michael Bloomberg is running for the Democratic nomination for the presidency. His legacy on education issues could become a problem on the campaign trail.
Even before any formal proposals are on the table, parents and school community members are pushing back.
Here’s what happened to the five big issues that the union said were the biggest sticking points in negotiations.
On social media, Chicagoans argued for and against makeup days — and suggested days that could be added back to the school year calendar.
We’re watching negotiations between Chicago Public Schools and the Chicago Teachers Union, teacher picket lines at schools, and more as the Chicago teachers strike enters its 10th day. Check back for frequent updates.
The results suggest that the significant gains Chicago students made in previous years were not a fluke — but also that the city has not figured out how to extend them.
Our team will be following the latest developments in negotiations between Chicago Public Schools and the city’s teachers union. Check back for frequent updates.
The Chicago Teachers Union’s demand for 90 minutes a day of prep time would set Chicago apart. But falling in line with other districts is not the union’s goal.
Chicago entered the eighth day of a teachers strike in a precarious stalemate between the two sides, as parents continued to fork out money for strike camps and weigh sending children to minimally staffed schools.
The current strike now matches the 2012 strike in length. But on Thursday night, union and city officials offered positive takes for the first time in days.
It’s the sixth day of no school for 300,000 Chicago students. We’ll update our live report with updates from negotiations, picket lines, more.
As the city enters a fifth day of canceled classes and rallies, we’re summarizing where each of five core issues stands — and what could happen with them as negotiations continue.
We’ll be updating this live blog throughout the day with reports from picket lines, negotiations, and appearances from Lori Lightfoot and her team. Check back for updates.
With signs of progress on Day 1, but no deal, teachers are returning to picket lines again on Day 2 of Chicago’s teachers union strike.
On Day 1 of the Chicago teachers strike, our team is fanning out across the city to talk to teachers, students, and families affected by the work stoppage.
As the Chicago Teachers Union demands public bargaining, the Denver teacher strike reveals how public negotiations might change the course of bargaining.
For weeks, Chicago has been riveted by jousting between the Chicago Teachers Union and City Hall. But now that a strike is all but assured, attention is turning to the 300,000-some students whose teachers and support staff will be walking out of schools.
We were optimistic about what would happen over the summer when we introduced our interns. They exceeded all of our expectations.
In a new project, Chalkbeat reporters in Detroit and Newark are following recent high school graduates in their first year of college — a time when when many students fall off track.
Four years later, Freedman and Griffith’s collaboration has yielded an eight-part podcast series that looks at the past, present, and future of schools in District 16.
More than a million children in New York City resurrected their school-day routines Thursday as the nation’s largest school system returned from summer vacation.
We’re sharing our coverage plans to hold ourselves accountable for carrying them out, and to give our readers a chance to weigh in.
At its meeting Tuesday, the board formally approved a five-year contract with the Newark Teachers Union and a two-year contract extension for Superintendent Roger León.
Roger León says he’s not worried about the Newark school district’s budget.
A major change in New York City education leadership did not substantially shake the confidence of teachers, students, and parents in the city’s schools.
A Bridge Magazine analysis found that the number of long-term substitutes working in Michigan schools has risen tenfold in the last five years.