Yana Kunichoff

Reporter, Chalkbeat Chicago
William Weaver, un maestro de historia, dice que aunque el plan de estudios es obligatorio, se preocupa que algunos profesores se muestren reticentes a enseñarlo.
History teacher William Weaver says even though the curriculum is mandatory, he worries some teachers are reluctant to teach it.
The crucial process of learning to read was made even more complicated this year by remote learning and wide-ranging inconsistency in how Chicago schools teach reading.
Meanwhile, parents and students called for increased investments in trauma-informed care and counselors for students.
Student questions have underscored the weights they are already carrying: grief from a year of COVID-19 and uncertainties about their own futures.
Chicago’s schools chief didn’t say when a full-scale reopening might be possible, but many parents already are looking to the fall.
The next 24 hours will be closely watched in Chicago as a union-imposed deadline nears.
High school educators could revert to teaching remotely Wednesday if a reopening agreement remains out of reach, the union said.
In a statement Wednesday, Chicago Public Schools officials say they are still planning an April 19 return for students.
En Chicago, tal como en otras ciudades, la recaudación de fondos de apoderados suple ciertas brechas críticas en algunas escuelas, pero no así en otras.
Some schools tap into those outside resources to purchase additional safety equipment or remote learning technology - and others can’t.
As Chicago prepares to negotiate over reopening high schools, a bill to extend the teachers union’s bargaining rights is set to quietly pass into law or be vetoed by Gov. J.B. Pritzker sometime next week.
One ongoing roadblock in Chicago’s school reopening plan: the significant numbers of teachers and students who are currently remote.
The effort would address concerns over school disruptions caused by the pandemic.
Después de casi un año con escuelas cerradas, Chicago reabrió sus aulas. Estudiantes de cuatro grado Maya, Zamara, Tennille y Alexander se están acostumbrando a los cambios profundos.
That effort is part of a broader public health strategy the district is implementing now that schools are open.
Este esfuerzo es parte de una estrategia de salud pública más amplia que el distrito está implementando ahora que las escuelas están abiertas.
City leaders and some parents touted the day as a joyous milestone in the city’s recovery from the pandemic. They also confronted looming questions about logistical complexities in Chicago’s reopening push.