Rise & Shine: N.Y. charter schools hit federal funding roadblock

  • To save a funding stream, Success schools are giving up an at-risk lottery preference. (GothamSchools)
  • Gov. Cuomo suggested that education will be a big part of his 2014 legislative agenda. (Buffalo News)
  • New curriculum has yet to arrive just a couple days before the start of the school year. (GothamSchools)
  • New York City teachers excelled at showing student growth on state tests. (GothamSchoolsNY1)
  • Dennis Walcott’s popularity hit an all-time low with teachers but increased with parents (GothamSchools)
    Middle and high school students are using e-cigs more than ever, according to surveys. (Times, Post)
  • Chancellor Walcott: It’s incumbent upon the next mayor to understand how bad it once was. (Post)
  • Study: Asian American students get bullied more often than other students. (GS in Brief, NY1, News)
  • Bill Thompson said he “won’t have to beg Albany” to offer students a year of free CUNY classes. (NY1
  • Mexico passed a weakened teacher evaluation law amid violent protests from teachers. (Times)