‘I Can’t Believe It’s Not Common Core’: Chalkbeat readers’ suggestions for naming New York’s learning standards

The Common Core is over, New Yorkers agree.

Now, as the state prepares to overhaul the learning standards, educators and advocates are starting to float new names. The group High Achievement New York kicked off the discussion on Monday by releasing the results of a survey with 10 suggestions, including the “Empire State Learning Standards” and “I [heart] NY Standards.”

Then, Chalkbeat readers started to suggest their own. Some of their nominations include, “The Don’t Worry Your Child Is Special and Not At All Common Standards” and “The not the same thing as curriculum standards.”

For a little pre-holiday fun, enjoy the rest.



@NYDNBenChapman @ChalkbeatNY I Can’t Believe It’s Not Common Core. — James S. Murphy (@James_S_Murphy) November 22, 2016