These numbers show how much New York City middle schools might change with two new integration plans in place

The first hints of whether two high-profile middle school integration plans are working came Monday when the education department revealed the latest admissions offer data.

After years of advocacy, and some harsh pushback, many schools in Brooklyn’s District 15 and Manhattan’s District 3 appear to be making progress towards enrolling a more diverse student  body, the data shows.

[Read more about the integration plans here.]

But each school has a different story to tell, with some poised to shift their incoming sixth grade classes dramatically and others more likely to remain mostly the same. These early numbers could change, however: Families still have to decide whether to accept their child’s admissions offer, or choose to enroll elsewhere.

Here’s how admissions offers have shifted from year to year in the neighborhoods spanning Park Slope and Sunset Park in Brooklyn, and the Upper West Side and part of Harlem in Manhattan.