Arlene Ackerman speaks to parents in Philadelphia. Photo courtesy Philadelphia Inquirer.
Arlene Ackerman speaks to parents in Philadelphia. <em>Photo by April Saul, courtesy of the Philadelphia Inquirer.</em>

Parents who say they don’t get enough input into what happens in the New York City schools might like Philadelphia’s new superintendent.

As part of her research for a new strategic plan she is drafting for the Philadelphia schools, Superintendent Arlene Ackerman is convening a series of community meetings to get ideas and answer questions (and anyone can help set up a meeting).

She held her first monthly roundtable with about 200 parents last week, who asked about everything from field trips to improving communication with non-English speaking parents.

She’s also meeting with parents in their homes, the Philadelphia Inquirer reports.

But some parents want to see even more of her:

Judith Jackson, whose grandchildren attend Wakisha Charter, wants more access to the superintendent – did she ever think about one-on-one, open-door sessions?

“I’ve been thinking about that,” said Ackerman, who noted it as a good idea. “I wonder: Do I give everyone five minutes? Do I do it on a Saturday? I’ve got to think about it.”

Via Philadelphia teacher-blogger Christopher Paslay.