Before I started posting to GothamSchools, I polled readers of my blog to find out parents’ perspectives on test prepping their child for the OLSAT to get into the NYC gifted and talented program. I must admit, I was a little suprised so many parents voted they’d be fine if others found out they test prepped their child. But there’s still a good chunk of parents who claim they’d never test prep their child at all. 

Here’s the question I asked: Would you tell anyone if you prepped your child for the OLSAT test for gifted and talented program?

And here are the results I found:

  • 56% – If someone asked, I’d be more than happy to tell them but I wouldn’t broadcast it.
  • 17% – I would never test prep my child for the OLSAT under any circumstances.
  • 11% – I would tell absolutely no one – I want others to think my child is gifted without prepping!
  • 11% – I would tell pretty much anyone – why hide it?
  • 6% – I would only tell my closest friends and absolutely no one else.

I’d like to hear from GothamSchools readers if they’d tell anyone if they prepped their child for the OLSAT test. Remember, we’re talking about a 128-question test for a 4 year old to get into G&T kindergarten and  a 148-question test for kindergarteners to get into G&T first grade.