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Introducing Sarah Glen, our new engagement associate

We’re excited to welcome Sarah Glen as our new engagement associate for Chalkbeat. Sarah previously worked at Digital First Media’s Project Thunderdome as a features producer.

She studied journalism and political science at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where she also worked at The Daily Tar Heel, started a mobile-optimized news site with Reese News Lab and blogged about the 2012 election for The Washington Post. (Fun fact: When I was a senior and Sarah was a freshman, I was one of Sarah’s editors at our college newspaper. So cool to be able to work with her again.)

One of Sarah’s first projects is to improve our analysis of our current analytics data, i.e. trying to understand how well we’re serving our audience and how we can do it better. She’ll also be exploring how we can improve our readers’ website experience– so if you have any insights, shoot them her way!

Sarah also had the great idea of turning our “Chalkbeat in the news” section into “Inside Chalkbeat,” which will include updates about what’s going on behind the scenes at our organization. So keep checking back here for more news about what we’re up to.

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