The theme of the March 1 event co-hosted by Chalkbeat Indiana in Indianapolis is: “From Lesson Plan to New Plan.”

We’ll cover the disputes over voting rules and how they affect voters and the local officials who run elections in this pivotal state.

From a deep investigation into a virtual tutoring company to banned books to racism at a magnet school, here’s how our reporters impacted the communities they serve.

The theme of the Nov. 16 event in Indianapolis co-hosted by Chalkbeat Indiana is: ‘Don’t Make Me Use My Teacher Voice.’

“Education and journalism both mattered tremendously 10 years ago when we founded Chalkbeat. They matter even more today,” Chalkbeat CEO and co-founder Elizabeth Green said.

We are officially launching Civic News Company, the parent organization for Chalkbeat, Votebeat, and possibly future beats to come.

Chalkbeat Newark reporter Jessie Gómez went to public schools in New Jersey and California, which helped her get a better understanding of different communities and education systems.

These are the most popular stories among Chalkbeat Indiana readers’ this year, and a few bonus articles too.

We’re ready to give you the stories you need as you make informed decisions about education in the state.

Your spot for seeking advice from other teachers, sharing ideas or frustrations, and celebrating the joys of teaching.

A weekly column to share joys and frustrations about teaching. Make it your go-to spot for recharging and new ideas.

Her high school refused to let her be valedictorian, an experience she never forgot as a mother and activist.

Elections, like schools, need year-round, local reporting to thrive.

A practical guide for news entrepreneurs

Chalkbeat’s coverage of America’s hard-hit education landscape is more important than ever. We are committed to giving communities the information they need to navigate this turbulent time. 

Chalkbeat Newark bureau chief Catherine Carrera says her personal and professional experiences inform her reporting.