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Bond measures, understanding principals, and preschoolers’ laughter: What Chalkbeat readers say they’re thankful for in 2018

For people who mark their lives by the school-year calendar, November can be an especially tough time. The optimism of a fresh start has worn off, but hard work hasn’t fully borne fruit, and summer break is still so far away.

So Thanksgiving comes at exactly the right moment to pause and appreciate everything that’s going right. Here’s what Chalkbeat readers said when we asked them what they’re appreciating in 2018:

“The continued opportunity to work with young people and enrich their lives.” — Patrick Sprinkle, Jersey City, New Jersey

What are you thankful for? Add your voice here.

“I am grateful this year for my students. They are a truly unique group and kindness and humanity are their superpowers. It makes going to work every day a treat.” — Jess Noffsinger, eighth-grade teacher, Northglenn, Colorado

“I appreciate the Indiana State Teachers Association because teachers have to look out for each other.” — Dakota Hudelson, seventh-grade English teacher, Indiana

“I’m so appreciative of my students and the art we get to create that helps promote social awareness and inspire social action in our school and community.” — Marianna Lucero, elementary school dance and drama teacher, Denver

“The laughter my preschooler students give me every day.” — Janis Carrasquel, early childhood teacher, Denver

“I have an administration who understands the demands placed on teachers.” — Marcie Safe, high school math teacher, Thornton, Colorado

“Supportive administrators.” — Sarah O’Neill Bailey, fifth-grade teacher, Indianapolis

“My family, and the children & families who I serve. Every day is a gift, and I’m one the luckiest people in the world.” — Lacy Reed, preschool director, Saguache, Colorado

“Votes needed for collaborative conferencing.” — L. Odom, sixth-grade teacher, Memphis

“Jeffco voters passed 5A and 5B [a $567 million bond to improve school buildings]. It renewed my faith in our community.” — Suzanne Smith, school social worker, Golden, Colorado

“I am thankful for education reporters and watchdog groups. Teachers need access to information about changes in educational policies and I am so thankful for quality reporting.” — Kathryn Vaughn, elementary school art teacher, Tennessee

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And please know: We appreciate you. From the comments you leave, to the tips you offer, to the shares that help our stories reach more people, your contributions make our reporting about your schools so much stronger. Happy Thanksgiving!