Two-thirds of Chicago schools are getting a budget boost. Is yours on the list?

Two thirds of district-run schools in Chicago schools will see their budgets increase next school year, while the remainder will see declines.

Principals received their 2019-20 school year budgets Monday from Chicago Public Schools, which will send $60 million more to schools next school year, according to numbers from the school district. That total reflects nearly $90 million in new programs — and a $30 million loss at several schools because of overall declining enrollment.

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Most Chicago schools will get a budget boost this fall as the city adds new programs, expands pre-kindergarten, and props up spending at schools with low enrollment. A large portion of the money — $31 million — will go to “equity grants” to 219 schools that are struggling to grow their student populations.

Another big chunk of money is to pay for pre-K expansions in 135 schools. Several schools saw budget increases because of an influx of pre-K money.

Chalkbeat obtained a school-by-school breakdown of 2019-20 budgets from the school district.

The data doesn’t include charter school budgets, the district said in a statement, because it is working with the schools on a proposal to modify state funding requirements for charters as part of its commitment to provide them “budgets that are equitable and aligned to allocations for district-run schools.”

Use the searchable database below to view your school’s budget for next school year. Note that the budget numbers include funds designated for pre-K expansion.