Denver ranks fifth in nation for school choice

In a study released Wednesday by the Brookings Institution, Denver Public Schools moved into fifth place for its school choice system, a leap from 24th place last year.

The biggest factor in Denver’s jump in ranking was its implementation of a unified application process for attendance at all public schools, including charters. Other high ranking districts included New York City public schools and the Recovery District in New Orleans.

Brookings, a centrist think tank based in Washington, D.C., ranked districts on their support for school choice. Over 100 districts were included in the study, which looked at factors such as how easy it was to apply for schools outside of an assigned attendance zone, how big a role parental preference plays in assigning school placement and how difficult it is for students to attend a non-zoned school.

Denver’s neighbors did not fare as well in the ranking. Douglas County, where officials have pursued an aggressive school choice agenda, ranked 19th. Jefferson County schools ranked 42nd.

Read the full survey here.