Find your Colorado PARCC 2018 results – and compare schools

Colorado released the results of state tests that students took in the spring of 2018.

Use Chalkbeat’s tool below to compare school results to each other or to statewide averages. This tool has results for literacy and math tests taken by students in elementary and middle schools. Educators and students often refer to these tests as the PARCC tests, though the Colorado Department of Education calls them by their official name: the Colorado Measures of Academic Success, or CMAS, tests.

The provided results include achievement information that shows what percentage of students at a school met or exceeded state expectations, as well as a growth score. The growth number represents a Colorado datapoint that shows how much students improved from their achievement on last year’s tests when compared to students with similar previous achievement. A score of 50 is considered a year’s worth of progress.

Growth scores, and the test results overall, make up a large part of the state’s quality ratings of districts and schools. Those are expected to be released later this fall. Read our report on the 2018 PARCC test results here.

Look back at 2017 results and coverage here.

High school students no longer took the CMAS tests this year, and instead took the PSAT and SAT college-entrance exams. Search for high school test results here.