Find your 2019 Colorado CMAS scores — and compare schools

The state released results Thursday for the annual battery of tests given to Colorado’s public school students every spring.

Use our searchable database below to look up statewide and school-by-school results for both math and English language arts. Students in third through eighth grade took the tests. For each school, you’ll see what percentage of students met or exceeded state standards on the tests, as well as a measure showing how much a school’s students grew academically year-over-year.

State officials say that a school’s growth number — officially called the median growth percentile — ideally should be higher than the state median, which is about 50. But they say it’s also important to consider a school’s overall achievement level when examining growth data.

For example, a school where many students are below grade level would need a growth rate well above 50 to ensure students are making enough progress to catch up. In contrast, a school with a high-achieving population probably wouldn’t.

Together, achievement and growth results from state tests play a major role in school and district quality ratings. Those ratings are expected to be released later this fall.

To learn more about key trends in state and school district achievement, read our report here. Also, don’t miss our searchable database showing SAT results for Colorado high schools.