Test scores, vaccination rates, AC and more: 10 back-to-school stories with news you can use

Welcome to our back-to-school roundup! We have school-by-school test results, graduation rates, vaccination rates, and asthma rates. Plus, answers to your questions about free full-day kindergarten, sex education, school safety, and air-conditioning.

Test Scores

Here’s what you need to know about your child’s CMAS score report.

Find school-by-school and statewide CMAS results here.

Find school-by-school and statewide SAT results here.

Graduation Rates

Find your school’s graduation rate here.

School Safety

Four things to know about how Colorado lawmakers are trying to make schools safer.

Full-Day Kindergarten

Colorado now offers free full-day kindergarten. Here’s what parents need to know.

Childhood Vaccination

Find your school’s measles vaccination rate — plus, a primer on state vaccination rules.

Sex Education

There’s a new law on sex ed in Colorado. We have answers to your questions.


Denver parents, find out your school’s asthma rate.

Air Conditioning

(Helen H. Richardson / The Denver Post)

Check which Denver schools lack air conditioning, and which ones are slated to get it.