Rise & Shine: DOE's top educator up for a job in Delaware

  • A lawsuit takes on the DOE’s plan to replace three schools with charter schools. (GothamSchools, Times)
  • A Brooklyn eighth grader is publishing a comic book with his teacher as its superhero. (Daily News)
  • Deputy Chancellor Marcia Lyles is a superintendent finalist for a district in Delaware. (AP)
  • Chancellor Klein defends mayoral control and attacks its detractors in an interview with the Post.
  • A Bronx charter school with lots of uncertified teachers gets probation from its authorizer. (Post)
  • The Post says other schools should emulate the Bronx charter school that’s now on probation.
  • Massachusetts is taking a step toward evaluating teachers by their students’ scores. (Boston Globe)
  • Some school districts are replacing letter grades with numerical ratings. (Times)