Rise & Shine: Better food on the menu for some city schools

  • A leaked e-mail shows dissent within the SCA about a controversial DUMBO school project. (Daily News)
  • City schools have to entice student diners with food produced under difficult constraints. (Times)
  • Bill de Blasio and John Liu are the Democratic nominees for public advocate and comptroller. (Times)
  • Duncan, Sharpton, and Gingrich started their national tour in Philadelphia. (Wall Street Journal, AP)
  • D.C. has fired the group contracted to build an ARIS-like data system for its schools. (Washington Post)
  • The contractor who handles security at D.C. schools is also in trouble. (Washington Post)
  • Sen. Dick Durbin suggested there is hope for D.C.’s school voucher program. (Wall Street Journal)
  • A Senate finance panel voted to restore money for abstinence sex education that Obama cut. (AP)