Rise & Shine: Foreclosure crisis taking toll on city students

  • City schools are seeing more students whose homes are in foreclosure. (Crain’s NY)
  • Nearly all city parents think their children are healthy, but 40 percent are overweight. (Post)
  • A Queens HS student is complaining about sexually explicit content in her assigned reading. (CBS)
  • An early Head Start program in Harlem is trying to reach children before they fall behind. (NY1)
  • The Manhattan Free School has 23 students, a sliding tuition scale, and no rules. (Times)
  • The maritime-themed Harbor School is the first tenant on Governor’s Island in 15 years. (WSJ)
  • The Wall Street Journal says teachers unions’ “Superman” opposition shows their days are numbered.
  • Denver wants its high school students to take tougher classes. (Denver Post)