Rise & Shine: State officials turning attention to credit recovery

  • State education officials say they want more scrutiny into how city schools use credit recovery. (Post)
  • Even when city schools contracts aren’t disastrous, they still raise questions about spending. (City Limits)
  • A report by AQE concludes that state budget cuts have hit poor school districts hardest. (Reuters)
  • City data confirm that class sizes rose again across the city. (GothamSchools, SchoolBook)
  • A Fort Hamilton High School student who doused a classmate with acid won’t face jail time. (Daily News)
  • The UFT’s bid to keep teachers’ scores private suffered a setback. (GothamSchools, SchoolBook, NY1)
  • The school reform group that Joel Klein started has been folded into a national group. (GothamSchools)
  • Four of the 11 states that applied for NCLB waivers this week were Race to the Top winners. (Times)
  • Under lobbying pressure, Congress blocked new school lunch rules meant to boost food value. (Times)