Discounted tickets for teachers to our 'Brooklyn Castle' showing

If you aren’t already planning to join GothamSchools on Sunday afternoon for a special showing of “Brooklyn Castle,” the new documentary about I.S. 318’s chess team, the first sentence of its Salon review might change your mind.

Film critic Andrew O’Hehir writes,

If you want reassurance that not everything about American public education is hopelessly broken — and if you want to see what may well be the most optimistic, inspiring and downright thrilling movie released all year – then absolutely do not miss Katie Dellamaggiore’s documentary “Brooklyn Castle.”

We are commandeering a theater at Lincoln Center’s Film Society on Sunday at 1:45 p.m. to see for ourselves. And just today, we got exciting news from the theater: For our showing only, teachers and Department of Education employees can buy tickets at the same discounted price as students and seniors. That puts the ticket price at $9, rather than the regular price of $13. (No advanced purchase is necessary!)

But you’ll also get more for your money than just a movie. Afterwards, I.S. 318’s chess teacher, Elizabeth Spiegel (née Vicary), and John Galvin, the school’s assistant assistant principal, will answer questions about the team and what chess can teach students.

Speaking of Spiegel and Galvin, here’s O’Hehir again:

In the inevitable Hollywood remake of this movie (which won’t be anywhere near as good as the original), Vicary’s role could go to Tilda Swinton or Cate Blanchett, while John Galvin, the hardass, Brooklyn-bred vice principal who has her back, can be played by James Gandolfini or Denis Leary.

How could you stay home?