Remainders: Why good schools make bad purchasing choices

  • Former chancellor Harold Levy explains why good schools make bad purchasing decisions. (EdSurge)
  • Cathie Black is named as a better possible Twitter board member than she was NYC chancellor. (Bits)
  • Janet Yellen, maybe the next U.S. Fed chief, edited Fort Hamilton High School’s newspaper. (Economix)
  • New York City’s charter school free-rent policy stands out against the national trends. (District Dossier)
  • An educator’s letter against standardized testing sparks a call for more perspectives on testing. (Times)
  • A new charter school could soon face penalties, including closure, for having too few students. (DNAInfo)
  • A school near Detroit that “flipped” its classrooms three years ago says the benefits are great. (Fixes)
  • A TFA alum and professor won’t write TFA recommendations for non-education majors. (Slate)