Remainders: Charter operator to open Red Hook private school

  • A charter school operator is opening a private school in Brooklyn — which locals can’t afford. (DNAInfo)
  • A new report concludes what Mayor Bloomberg did: We need better teachers, not more of them. (Atlantic)
  • A mom in a non-Common Core state says she still sees dangers in standardization. (Here be Hippogriffs)
  • Eva Moskowitz didn’t like that Bill de Blasio used her name to criticize charter schools. (New Yorker)
  • See nine depictions of teaching in movies, from “Dead Poets Society” to “School of Rock.” (TakePart)
  • A list of the city’s “unofficial mayors” includes a senior at Bushwick School for Social Justice. (Times)
  • Chicago actually does relatively well with low-income students. It just has so many of them. (Reader)
  • A proposal to improve schools’ internet capacity is not without controversy and road bumps. (Politico)
  • An East Harlem art teacher preserves local history while filling a budget-cuts induced void. (City Room)